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Finally, after being stuck at home (mostly) for 2 weeks, I got to visit UP yesterday and today. [profile] _chimoms  and I went early yesterday and I got to hang out with people I haven't seen in a while, like [profile] alvintang , [profile] zen_jase05 , and Gino. While Momz was at her Optics workshop, I met up with Patag and Din at Eng'g, where the various eng'g orgs were competing in mattress stuffing. As usual, IE Club won that and became overall champion for the 19th (?) time. After that, we walked around the oval and had the first ever (although incomplete) W.H.O.R.E.S. studio pic taken at one of the kiosks. Then, we just sat around in Quezon Hall and watched the Lantern Parade and the fireworks display. I would have been tempted to watch Miss Eng'g, but I didn't know any of the contestants. Besides, my feet were killing me and I was dead tired from walking around UP all day.

Nina planned for all of us W.H.O.R.E.S. (with the exception of Cassy, who was off "teaching education" in Montalban, Rizal aka "the gubat place") to have brunch at Chocolate Kiss today, so we had a sort-of reunion. Eya had just come back from Korea, and of course Cassy and I have been in Singapore for the past few months, and the UP Manila people rarely get to visit Diliman, so it was great to see everyone together. After stuffing ourselves, we walked to Bio (we saw PauPau on the way), where the Bio Christmas party was being held, and watched Carlos Cuaño sing (I don't know the title of the song, although I think it's pretty famous). We also saw [profile] melatariel  and finally got to meet the famous Scott, the first Bio major in a long time (if not in the entire history of UP) to have a flat 1.0 average. After some time, Patag, Eya, and Me-an went home while the rest of us decided to wait for Cielo to arrive. We walked to the sunken garden and just sat there for a while. The weather was very nice today, so hanging out at the sunken garden was actually pretty comfortable. As it turned out, Cielo was very busy with her research so eventually all of us except Nina just went home.

Pictures can be found on my Multiply :P Cassy, don't worry, I'll try to plan a party thing at my house so you can still see the Possie :D
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In case you thought I'd forget (even though it's 8 hours too early here)..

Happy Birthday [profile] _chimoms!

I was planning on putting a picture with the two of us together, but I hate all my pictures so.. :P

I'll be home on July 3, so you'll have to wait for your present until then :)

Okay, procrastination time over. Back to work -_-

EDIT: I just found out from [profile] scyphs. You're going to Punta Fuego without meeeee?! *pout* Well, actually, I don't really mind since I've been there with you before. And I'm not a beach person. But it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing :P
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It's not like it would make a difference, but I'll just declare a temporary hiatus anyway. My mom forced me decided to go to Palawan for a few days to celebrate her birthday and my sister's birthday. We're leaving on Friday and coming back on Tuesday. As much as I appreciate the.. beauty of Palawan, beaches really aren't my thing. I like my complexion just fine, thanks :P

Hay nakakatamad magpack.. I thought I was done with that for another 3 months at least.. Yes, I sound really whiny and unappreciative right now, but anyone would feel the same if they had to do something they didn't really want to do (even if it is a trip to Palawan). I'm smart enough not to whine in front of my mom :P Besides, she spoils me like heck anyway. It's kinda strange how one minute she's practically in tears, ranting about my aloofness and general state of apathy, and the next minute she's asking me if I want to go clothes shopping. I don't pretend to understand her irrational desire to pamper me more than her other children (who are considerably more appreciative). Maybe it's a mother thing.

I must remember not to think about transferring to UP ever again. Enrolment was torture (and I wasn't even the one enrolling). It's absolutely insane that Chimoms and I had to wait in line for 3 hours just to get the first or second step (the pre-advising thing) of the enrolment done. In the same amount of time, I had already finished my entire enrolment in NUS, and even that took an unusually long time because I shifted from Engineering to Science. Thankfully, enlistment for PE went faster than expected, and there were other Pisay people around so it wasn't terribly boring (not to mention that it was like an oven in Bio; it was pretty windy in the gym). It was nice to make tambay with the Possie again, although Mel went home early because apparently the Chem department is a lot more efficient than the people in Bio (for the record, Chimoms said that, not me :P). Chimoms and I spent most of the afternoon with Cassy, Nina, Patag, and Abby and we hung out for a while with David Sta. Rosa and Annie at the gym. Then we went to Math for a while so Patag could talk to Ma'am Bargo and just spent the rest of the day chatting and hitting Cassy when she became too bangag.

Anyway, it's getting a bit hard to multitask (blog, YM, and text all at the same time) so I'm done for now. I'll blog when I feel like it (or if I come back from Palawan with the desire to rant) :P
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New layout again. [profile] gawariel_design has such wonderful layouts, and I can't resist grabbing new ones every time they come out.

I'm finally home. Cassy and I arrived last Thursday at around 4 pm. I hitched a ride with her, her dad, and her sister Camille. Grabe ang bangag ng kapatid niya. There isn't a doubt in my mind that they're related. Momo came over to visit as soon as I got home. She stayed over for dinner and then went home at around 10 because she had a class the next day. I was planning on going to UP, pero tinamad na rin ako. It's too tempting to just stay home and vegetate. I still went out yesterday though. I went to SM North with Momo, Cassy, and Patag and watched Poseidon. It wasn't particularly good, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway, mostly because we kept making fun of the plot and the characters. *MINOR SPOILER WARNING* For example, there's this old guy who has some big problem that we weren't able to catch (we only heard something like "he's found someone else now") so we started speculating on his possible homosexuality. And it seems like our suspicions were confirmed when he asks another male character "What's your name? Oh it's Valentine? I like that name" and says stuff like "You have nice arms" to some other guy. The end was funny too. When they were watching the ship sink and it suddenly turned right-side-up again (it went upside down when the giant wave thing hit it), I suddenly started to laugh and said to Patag "hahaha nasayang lang lahat ng paghihirap nila hahaha." The freaky thing is that Cassy said almost exactly the same thing to Chimoms (Cassy and I were seated on opposite sides with Chimoms and Patag in between us). After the movie, we were all being bangag and making jokes about what we'd do if we got stuck inside the mall and if we'd have to climb up to the basement to find the propeller tubes. Well I guess our jokes won't make much sense if you haven't watched the movie. I can't say I recommend it, but it wasn't a complete waste of money (even though I lost 40 pesos because the ticketing lady wouldn't admit that she didn't give us enough change).

I also saw Mel yesterday :D Before we went to SM, Momo and I stopped by the Math building to see if Mel was still around (we got there around the time her class usually ends). We managed to surprise her and I promptly attached myself to her like a leech. I browsed through her Math 54 notes and I am so glad I'm not studying in UP. Math 54 looks scary. And it looks like everyone in Science and Engineering has to take it. In contrast, I don't have any required Math subjects in NUS. I only have 2 statistics subjects and 1 organic chemistry subject in addition to my bio subjects. For someone as math-phobic as I am, that's a big relief :P

Anyway, my dinner's getting cold. Bye for now.
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I'm breaking my temporary hiatus just to say thank you to [profile] _chimoms and everyone who signed the notebook she made for me. It really made my day; I had a statistics midterm today and receiving the notebook helped me get rid of a lot of stress. Thank you so much to everyone, especially to my dearest friends Momo, Melly, Cassy, and the rest of the W.H.O.R.E.S./G.B.T.C./Possie who obviously worked so hard to make this for me :)

And now back to my self-imposed hiatus (actually tinatamad lang ako magblog).
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No Genetics tutorial again today. Which means, because I already had lab last week, that my day finished 5 hours early :D Life is good. I still have choir practice tonight, but that's ok. I'm starting to enjoy being in a choir again, now that I've accepted that I'm going to be back in the Philippines almost 2 weeks later than I'd otherwise prefer. And although the songs we're learning are kind of weird, they're beautiful when sung properly.

*yawn* Sleepy again. I stayed up until 2:30 am despite having an 8 am class this morning :P Late-night conferences with Mel and [profile] _chimoms are just too much fun to miss out on :D I really cherish our conversations, whether we're just cracking senseless jokes or having heart-to-heart talks. It's really too bad that [profile] eternalmortal had gone to bed by then. But then again, Cassy and insufficient sleep just don't mix.

I think I'll take another nap. My eyes are feeling kinda heavy.


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